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IDEA RS provides designing-focused software which enables engineers to calculate design members with 100% accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards. Programs are thorough, have a modern user interface and generate exact result reports. Products are based on extensive research on new methods of analysis/calculation of constructions and improvement of existing methods.

Minimize the risk of structural defects

(cracks in the wall, deflections of slabs) and catastrophes (building going down).

Decrease the material costs

of structural members/details by up to 30 % (app. 5 % of total construction costs for concrete constructions and up to 10 % of total costs for steel ones)

Decrease the cost over-runs

of constructions by up to 25 %. Building defects and delays are not a visible problem for the end user (people who work/live in the building). They usually get fixed using extra manpower and material before the building is finished, i.e. there is a cost overrun. This result in either investor/property-owner paying more or construction company earning less money.

Save up to 50 %
of the time

an engineer has to devote to properly design structural members/details.

All at one-third of the price of “big guys” software

In addition, IDEA RS is the first company worldwide to offer this type of service for engineers online, at Cloud website called IDEA StatiCa (software-as-a-service model). This enables to reach the global community of engineers.
Majority of structural defects and catastrophes are not caused by a wrong structural analysis of the construction as a whole (“macro picture”). They rather result from a failure of one specific member/details of the construction (“micro picture”). This designing software focuses on “micro picture”.

On-line cloud calculations

Apart from standard offline licenses, you can use IDEA StatiCa programs as a cloud-based service. You access and run the program using only a web-browser. All calculations are performed on a remote server of IDEA RS. Get online, click, calculate – it is that easy.
IDEA StatiCa online runs on website where you can perform both FREE and paid calculations.
Choose IDEA StatiCa solution
Integrated solution for concrete
structures analysing and
Complete design of steel structural members and details
High-end solution for advanced prestressed concrete structures